It's the best solution to improve if you are already quite experienced but you still have problems to kitesurf going upwind and to go back to the starting point. We rapidly take you upwind with our big  NUOVA JOLLY inflatable boat in order to enable you to practise in wide spaces.

NB: To have this service you need to be a member of CSEN (affiliation €5,00) and to have a certification (IKO, VDWS, FIV) of level 2 and to have the insurance valid for this season. You need to wear also a dry pocket with a mobile phone inside for the rescue service 

with you own equipment with Tabo equipment
basic service € 20,00 € 10,00

Services to add to the basic service when needed: 

Rescue on the beach € 10,00
Request of assistance € 20,00
Emergency € 50,00