At the beginning group courses are ideal for learning and improving: they offer the advantage of learning the technique as well as practising led by the teacher. Improving together with other surfers of your same level is highly stimulating.In our method of teaching there's the right balance between simulation on the ground and practice in the water: More you practise in the water, more you'll improve your level.Lessons quality is guaranteed by: a maximum number of 5 pupils for each instructor, qualified instructors, the homogeneous level of participants, the use of video camera, good wind conditions. You can always choose the length of  your course (from 3 to 7 days distributed all over the season) and book the lessons as you prefer.

LEVEL 1 - Beginner  - Wind 1-4 m/s

Requested ability: feeling with the water

Basic theory, safety rules. Simulation in every step of the course.

Start technique, points of sailing, basic tack and jibe, pumping technique, rigging.

Board employed: RRD Easy Rider L.

Purpose: indipendence to windsurf with a few wind 


LEVEL 2 - Improvement -  Wind 2-6 m/s

 Requested ability: points of sailing and tack with ligth wind

Theory. Simulation in every step of the course.

 Theory and simulation, right position and style in all points of sailing, rapid tack and jibe, general lines of harness, beach start.

 Board employed: RRD Easy Rider L and M.

Purpose: correct navigation with fresh breeze, tack and jibe in a proper way. 


LEVEL 3 - Advanced  - Wind 3-8 m/s

Requested ability: points of sailing, tack and jibe with medium wind


Advanced Theory. Simulation on the ground, style with strong wind, technique without centre board, plane, tack and jibe improvement, harness use.

 Board employed: RRD Easy Rider M and Evolution 360.

Purpose: correct navigation with mild wind, tack and jibe in a proper way.

The Purposes are refered to courses of 4 days. The maximum limit of the wind for each course can be increased by the instructor 


From this level the best is to choose private lessons.

 You can have more quality in less time. When you begin to plane you need a private teacher who can follow only you and correct you immediately with the help of a video camera. An individual teaching program, organized in single lessons all over the season will guarantee you the most in the least possible time.

LEVEL 4 - Funboard   -   Wind over 6 m/s

You can choose to improve one single subject in an hour or to make a program of different subjects among the following options:







 Board employed: RRD Evolution 360, Firemove, Freestylewave   



Test L1 - Beginner: 1 day (2 hours) € 65,00

2 days- 4 hours 3 days- 6 hours 4 days- 8 hours 5 days-10 hours 6 days- 12 hours 7 days- 14 hours
L1- Beginner € 130,00 € 189,00 € 239,00 € 289,00 € 319,00 € 360,00
L2- Improving Level
L3- Advanced Level

N.B: - To consider a course like a group one, it's necessary to have minimum 3 participants.

        - If 1 or 2 participants of a group course have a lesson alone with the instructor, not because of their choice,

          the lesson will be done but the duration will be shorter: if there is only one student, the duration is calculated by

          adding 100% to the actual time (the student will do 1h of lesson instead of 2h), if there are two the lesson is

          calculated by adding 50% to the actual time (the students will do 1.20h of lesson instead of 2h)..  


1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hour
1 person, with equipment  €    69,00  €  130,00  €  237,00  €  293,00  €  348,00
1 person, without equipment  €    55,00  €  103,00  €  193,00  €  240,00  €  288,00
2 persons, with equipment  €    105,00  €  187,00  €  357,00  €  438,00  €  523,00
2 persons, without equipment  €    83,00  €  156,00  €  290,00  €  362,00  €  435,00

- the hours include practice and simulation

- Prices could be subject to variations 

-  Prices include board, rig, wetsuit, life jacket, harness and shoes exept for private lessons without equipment

- Lessons begin normally at: - 9.30/10.00 for L1

                                              - 10.00 for L2

                                              - 12.00 or 16.00 for L3

                                              - 14.00 for L4.

- It is necessary to book the lessons in advance contacting us by phone 0039 335 225054 or by email prenotazioni@tabosurf.com

Attention: To  take part in a course or a lesson you need to become member of CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale)  for this season (5,00€).

You need also to become a member of FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) if you do more than one lesson: € 10,00 from 6 to 17 years old, € 15,00 for adults.

Tabo Surf Center is affiliated with VDWS (German International Federation). 

At the end of a course your level can be certified by VDWS paying 25,00€ more .