The stretch of water in front of the Center,  where the lessons are held, is surrounded by three banks. These are certainly the safest conditions for beginners and young children. 

In front of Tabo Surf Center in the morning there is the best condition for wakeboard, wakesurf, wakeskate e waterski. The spot is out of the route of the motorboats of the public transport and the water is flat till lunchtime and perfect not just for beginners but also for expert levels.

Tabo Surf Center gives a professional service providing:

-          new boat  Moomba Mobius LSV with wakeplate to create a clean and steep wave

-          Equipment Liquid Force e Jet Pilot

To have the best flat water conditions Tabo is available every day for lessons from  9.00 am and, on demand, also from 7.30. Also in the afternoon is possible to book a lesson if there isn't wind.

If you make windsurfing or kitesurfing, wakeboard and wakesurf are the right alternative to improve your skills and have fun also in the absence of wind.



Basic Theory, safety rules, knowledge and preparation of the equipment, simulation on the ground, Deep water start technique, Stand on board, slalom on the wake of the boat, Cross the wakes,  


Rotation of the board of 180° (Surface 180), switchstance, cross one wake, jump a wake (Air 1 wake).


Surf the wake, Lipslide, jump without the use of the wake (Ollie), Ollie 180°


Surface 360°, Wake to wake, cross the first wake in heelside and land on the second wake (heelside wake jump); Cross the first wake in toeside and land on the second wake (Tooside Wake Jump), air 180° un'onda, jump with grab.


Learning of more advanced tricks.


Surf an infinite wave is the dream of every surfer.

Thanks to 3 ballasts that fill with water and the wakeplate, our boat, Moomba LSV, create a very huge wave. Using a Surfboard, the water start  happens with a handle with a very short rope so that the distance from the boat is just of  2 mt.  As you improve your technique it's possible to let the handle go off and surf the wake till the strenght of the legs last.


If you have a good wakeboard technique and you like the skate style, you can learn many tricks with your feet free from bindings with a board similar to a skate.


Single lesson: € 2,50 per minute; minimum session 15 min.

Card - 1 hour

Card - 2 hours

level L1 - L5

€ 142,00

€ 270,00

The prices include all the equipment needed.

Kids courses: minimum age 6 years old.

NB: To  take part in a course or a lesson you need to become member of CSEN for this season (5,00€)