You will achieve the best possible results by going by boat with your teacher since the first day: the new sailing boat Laser Bahia, that  can carry till five persons and is stable and easy to steer, will enable you to deepen your knowledge of theory and practise while you sail. After learning the bases on a simple boat, you'll try sportive boats as Rs Quest and Laser Radial while the instructor will follow you with the inflatable boat using videocamera to film your sailing. If you are already able to navigate and you want to improve your level trying also with more wind, the best is the private lesson on boats like Rs Quest or Dart 16.

The group course and the private lessons can be booked freely during the season.


Duration recommended: 5 days (10 hours)
Regarding group courses we allow you to start the course when you prefer by booking the lessons during the season day by day depending on the availability of our planning. There are no fixed dates for the beginning of the courses.

V1 - Beginner
Wind: light, 1-4 m/s

Sailing theory, rigging of the boat, points of sailing, helmsman role, crew role, steering, tacking, jibing, capsizing, safety rules, meteorology notions. Teoria della vela,  

 Sailingboats employed: Bahia, Laser Radial, Pico, Rs Quest 

V2 - Improving Level

Wind: average. 2-6 m/s

Sailing theory, points of sailing with average wind, helmsman role, crew role, steering, tacking, jibing, capsizing, harness use, safety rules, applied meteorology.  

 Sailingboat employed: Bahia, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Rs Quest 

V3 - Advanced
Wind: average-strong. 3-8 m/s
Sailing race: tactic and strategy, rigging of the boat, technique in strong wind, specialisation helmsman or crew roles, spinnaker.  

 Sailingboats employed: Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Rs Quest 


VK1 - Beginner, 5 days (7,5 hours) 

Wind 1-4 m/s

Sailing theory, plays with sailingboats, points of sailing with light wind, tacking, jibing, applied metereology.

Sailingboat employed: Bug, Pico, Bahia


     You will achieve the best possible results by going by boat with your personal instructor since the first day: you will be able to try the roles of helmsman and crew with Breva (16 knots) in full safety, you will be allowed to try different sailingboats during the same course (Laser, Rs Quest, Dart 16) and you can book the lessons freely during the season. (lesson's validity is 1 year).


Group Courses

Test V1 - Beginner: 1 day (2 hours) € 65,00

2 days - 4 hours 3 days - 6 hours

4 days - 8 hours

5 days - 10 hours 6 days - 12 hours 7 days - 14 hours

V1- Beginner

€ 130,00 € 189,00 € 239,00 € 289,00 € 319,00 € 360,00
V2- Improving Level
V3- Advanced Level

Kid Courses (6-12 years old)

Test VK1 - 1,5h: 45,00€

2 days 3 hours 3 days 4,5 hours 4 days 6 hours 5 days 7,5 hours 6 days 9 hours 7 days 10,5 hours
VK1- Beginner € 90,00 € 124,00 € 157,00 € 183,00 € 212,00 € 247,00
VK2- Improving Level

VK3- Advanced Level

Private Lessons

1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours
1 Pers.   €    52,00  €    95,00  €  179,00  €  220,00  €    263,00
2 Pers.  €    79,00  €  141,00  €  268,00  €  330,00  €    393,00

The prices for Pivate lessons are with the instructor onboard. If the instructor use the motorboat a fuel costs contribution of 10€ will be charged for each lesson.

Prices include all the equipment


Attention: - To  take part in a course or a lesson you need to become member of CSEN for this season (€ 5,00 ).

                   - For all courses, except for the TEST, it's obligatory to buy or to have got a card of one of the federations recognized FIV (<12 anni € 15,00, 13 a 17 anni € 20,00, >18 anni € 25,00) or VDWS (€ 25,00).