Since 1988, when the first center was opened in Gera, many things have improved: the equipment, the teaching method, the services offered. After 30 years only two things haven't changed: the enthusiasm coming from surfing and the passion for teaching. We share the emotions we feel windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing with those who choose Tabo Surf Center to enjoy and improve themselves as if it was the first time. This year too we shall have a nice time practising with you our favourite sports in a "cool" and familiar ambiance.

Tabo offers courses for every level of windsurf, kitesurf ana sailining and is the only FIV Association (Italian Sailing Federation) in Lombardia for windsurfing and the first for kitesurfing. Tabo is also a VDWS (German Federation) School.

The success of teaching is guaranteed thanks to years of direct experience and to many references in this field.

Luca: Founding Father of Tabo,  National windsurfing and Kitesurfing FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) Instructor, windsurfing and kitesurfing VDWS Instructor, Kitesurf IKO Instructor, 32 years teaching experience. 

Paola: Administrator of Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL, National windsurfing and sailing FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) Instructor, degree at the School of Sports (Scienze Motorie), windsurfing and sailing VDWS Instrucor, 26 years teaching experience. 

Rosanna: manager of the receptionist

 Dario: rental manager 

Edoardo: kite instructor IKO 

Yari: windsurf  instructor VDWS and FIV, degree at the School of Sports (Scienze Motorie)  

Nicolino: National FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) Instructor, degree at the School of Sports (Scienze Motorie), 42 years teaching experience.  

Michele: sailing instructor FIV