Program 2019

AGE 8-12 , 13-17  

A 6-day holiday dedicated to sport in the company of friends



This is the 20th edition of Surf, Sail and Kite Camps with a lot of emotion and satisfaction!

In the past the Camps were just for the Italians but in the last 11 years we have created the International Camps to allow all the kids and teenagers from every Nation to participate.  For this reason English will be the official language for communication both during water sports and all the other activities.

- Primary: windsurf (Surf Camp), sailing (Sail Camp) or kitesurf (Kite Camp), wakeboard (optional activity with an additional cost).
- Secondary: canoe, SUP, sailing "gioco-sport" for the younger, kitesurf basics for the older ones, sports and team games, physical expression, treasure hunts.

- Excursions: canoe, bike, SUP, trekking in Piani di Spagna Nature Park.

The main activities, characterizing the camp and to which most of the time is dedicated, are windsurfing, sailing or Kitesurfing; canoes, mountain bikes and SUP are used as vehicles for nature excursions. In case of bad weather and for relaxation, the children will be occupied with sailing "giocosport", team games, seafaring arts, ground-based kitesurf basics (for the older ones), or watching videos and films of the day's activities. The nature excursions depend on weather and wind condition. The nearby Piani di Spagna Nature Park can be reached by canoe, SUP or inflatable motorboats, without crossing any roads.  Just in case of bad weather it could be possible the use of cars for a short distance to go from Tabo to the restaurant for the dinner. 

Windsurf, Sail and kitesurf will be confirmed with a minimum of 3 persons per activity.  Just in case of the cancellation of an activity because of not enough requests, the persons that have chosen that activity can choose between the other activities.


The Camp is for every level of learning from beginner to advanced pupils.

All the kids and teenagers stay together during the activities except for the main activities in which they are divided in groups per level. The teachers are completely dedicated to a specific group.


In line with the CONI directives, the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) has also reviewed its training methods to offer the very young the opportunity of experiencing sailing and windsurf as a game. Leaving aside the competitive part in this phase of learning, "Giocosport" is today the most advanced method for teaching correct technique while having fun in group activities. 
Our head-instructors are members of the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) Teacher Training group and specialized in the development of "Giocosport" for sailing and windsurf.

RACE TRAINING for the advanced level of windsurfing

For the advanced level, apart from improving the technique, our staff will train the children and teenagers for racing, introducing the basis of regatta of windsurfing, using the board Bic Techno 293 and Firerace 120.

The main aim of the camp is to live water sports in direct contact with nature and the spirit of group life. The targets to reach are: 1) to learn the correct techniques of windsurfing, sailing or kiting  2) to learn to steer windsurf, kitesurf or dinghy boat alone 3) to acquire the mariner spirit and become familiar with the water 4) to know the wind and learn to use it 5) to socialize and collaborate with course mates.


Tabo Surf Center, that started out as a professional Windsurf center, has extended its abilities to Sailing, Kitesurfing, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, wakeboarding and SUP (stand up paddling), with all the most modern equipment, including special equipment for children.

Teaching quality is assured by a staff of professional instructors who, motivated by their passion for youth sports, are specialized in teaching the age group between 6 and 17 years old. Indeed, the qualifications of the two head-instructors include: UNIVERSITY DEGREE IN TEACHING SPORTS; FIV NATIONAL INSTRUCTOR (Italian Sailing Federation); FIV TEACHER-TRAINER; VDWS INSTRUCTOR (German Water Sports Federation), IKO instructor.

To guarantee safety, every group has an accompanier living with the children 24 hours a day (two accompaniers if there are more than 15 participants per Camp for the group 8-12 years old and 20 for the group 13-17 years old).


- WINDSURF: Our Centre has 100 boards and 120 sails for Windsurfing (for every level from beginner to funboard), among which the special Easyrider and new generation 360 RRD, and mini-sails starting from 1 square meter surface area. It will be possible also to use the boards Bic Techno 293 and Firerace 120 to approach the world of racing.

- SAIL: We have dinghy boats that meet every need from single boats to double and collective boats. We have: Laser Bug, Laser Std, Laser Pico, RS Quest, Laser Bahia, Laser Dart 16.

- KITE: For Kite camps we work with big inflatable motorboats and radio system; the material used is the new 2019 one with models and sizes perfect for teenagers.

- WAKEBOARD: the wakeboard boat Moomba has 3 ballast and wakeplate to guarantee a cleaner and high wave.

- CANOE AND SUP: Tabo Surf Center has also canoes, SUP and 2 MegaSup for 10 people each to use for excursions.


Tabo Surf Center is particularly suited to youth multisport activities in the greatest safety: The building is located in an area with a generous field of 40,000 square meters on the lake with a beach and football pitch, beach-volley, basketball and tennis courts.

The lake is completely different to the typical lakeside environment: the bottom is sandy and the water shallow (1 meter) up to 60 meters from the shore, and the stretch of water where the lessons are held is surrounded by three banks. These are certainly the safest conditions for beginners and young children. 
Safety in the water is guaranteed, as well as by the mandatory safety equipment, also by the presence of boats for safety.


This year we confirm again the accommodation in big and solid tents. This solution is really positive because has given to kids and teenagers the opportunity to socialize better, has guaranteed warm temperature during the night in the hot season and has allowed to be more in contact with the nature.

The tents will be placed in a suitable area next to Tabo Surf Center.
Breakfast will be served in Tabo Surf Center while dinner will be served in a restaurant next to Tabo. Packed lunch will be served at Tabo Surf Center.

Characteristic of the tents:

- Strong and solid structure.

- Proper isolation from the ground and totally waterproof.

- Maximum capacity: 16 persons.

- Bed: camp bed (sleeping bed and pillow are not included; everyone has to provide his one).

The organization can decide in any moment to change the place for the accommodation or for breakfast and dinner without any overcharge or refund.


Duration: 6 days (6 nights) from Sunday night to Saturday morning.

Participants: max. 30 totally.

Age: Group A: born between 2007 and 2011 (8/12 years)

         Group B: born between 2002 and 2006 (13/17 years)

         Group D: born between 2002 and 2009 (10/17 years)

Starting dates:   1ST WEEK:  from 30th of June to 06th of July GROUP B

                            2ND WEEK:   from 07th to 13th of July GROUP A

                            3RD WEEK:   from 14th to 20th of July GROUP B 

                            4TH WEEK:   from 21st to 27th of July GROUP D

N.B: The minimum number of participants to confirm a Camp is 8 persons and to confirm an activity (windsurf, Kitesurf or sailing) is 3 persons.




Our experience, thanks to 19 years of Camps and to 33 years of teaching, allows us to have very good results from beginners to freestyle levels. When the conditions are good the kids and teenagers can stay in the water till 5 hours a day with our instructors.

There is no limit on learning: the change from a level to another happens when the teacher sees an improvement. 


Also our experience on sailing, thanks to 19 years of Camps and to 27 years of teaching, allows us to train sailors with a good technical preparation. The use of modern boats as Laser Bug, Laser Pico, Laser Bahia e Laser Dart 16, Rs Quest, allows a complete training with single and double boats and also catamarans.


The teaching takes place only with the support of the specific motorboats of Tabo, launching the kites directly from the water. The communication takes place with the use of walkie talkies

It's possible also for kids less than 12 years to choose the kite Camp. The minimum age requested is 9 years old.  


During all the Camps it's possible to choose wakeboard paying an additional price. The course provides 4 lessons (15 min. each) in the early morning with perfect conditions of flat water. 

If there are still places available and a participant would like to do 1 or more lessons of wakeboard, he can do it paying an higher price.

For windsurfers and sailors it's a chance to try a new sport and enjoy it with friends but if a person is a total beginner of windsurf or sailing, before choosing this option it's better to speak with the organization: being the sessions in the morning in the same time of the surf or sail lessons for beginners, there is a risk not to follow the course in the proper way.

For kitesurfers instead, it's suggested to wakeboard because it's ideal to improve Kitesurf learning.


Sunday   till   6.30pm: check in at Tabo Surf Center  in Gera Lario

                      6.30pm: Welcoming at the Tabo Surf Center in Gera Lario.

                      8.00pm: Accommodation, arrangements and dinner

Monday         9.00am: Start of activities

Saturday        9.15am-10.00am: Awarding of diplomas, review of films and photos and good-bye.

8.00 Wake-up 
8.30 Breakfast 
9.00 On-shore activities (windsurf, sailing, kiting) 
10.00 On-water activities (windsurf, sailing) or excursions (canoe, mountain bikes and SUP)
13.00 Packed lunch 
14.00 Sailing "Giocosport" or other activities on the ground for beginners, on-water activities for advanced level of windsurfing and sailing and for every level of kitesurfing. 
16.30 On-water activities for everybody.
20.00 Dinner 
N.B. The timetable only gives an idea. The actual program may vary according to wind conditions and the level of the participants. In case of bad weather, activities will continue in the gym.


- Clothing: in addition to the normal beach and seasonal wearing: 2 pairs of slippers (1 for the outside and the other for the tent), 2 towels or bathrobes, gym shoes, jumpsuit, K-way, heavy sweatshirt and jacket, backpack, swimsuit, trunks, cap, sun glasses, sleeping bag, pillow and rubber mat (if needed).

- Technical equipment: (wetsuit, shoes and life jacket) if not available, they will be provided by the organization. 

- Other equipment: bicycle. If somebody doesn't own it, it's possible to rent it booking in advance 7 days before the period chosen. If the person has not a bike he will be excluded from the bike excursions.

- Obligatory documents: We do require a Medical Certificate of health issued for the practice of non-competitive sports.

- Other: pocket English dictionary, suntan, body lotion against mosquitoes, torch, umbrella.


N.B: To take part in a Camp you have to become a member of CSEN and Italian Sailing Federation (FIV). The affiliations have to be settled with the subscription and cost:

- CSEN = € 5,00

- FIV:   8-12 years old = € 15,00 (2007-2011)

          13-17 years old = € 20,00 (2002-2006)


Surf, Sail, Kite or Special Camp  

1 week :                 € 579,00 (including €115,00 for board and lodging)  
Discount*:                € 545,00 (including €115,00 for board and lodging)

*for: - new group, min. 3 people 
        - members of the same family 
        - participants who have taken part in previous Camps of Tabo Surf Center.

- 2 weeks:              € 1110,00 (including €230,00 for board and lodging)

   Discount*:           € 1044,00 (including €230,00 for board and lodging)

*for: - new group, min. 3 people 
        - members of the same family 
        - participants who have taken part in previous Camps of Tabo Surf Center.

The cost includes: continual presence of instructors and accompaniers, windsurf, sailing or kitesurf school facilities and equipment, organization of games and activities, canoes and Sup for the excursions, motorboats for safety, certificate of the level reached, 3rd party insurance, Camp T-shirt, activities organized in English, possible pictures of the Camp, teaching material, expenses for board and lodging from dinner on Sunday to breakfast on Saturday.

The cost does not include: extras of a personal kind, all else not specifically indicated in the program.


Wakeboard - added option

- Course of 4 lessons of 15 minutes each.          € 119,00

- Single lesson of 15 minutes:                           € 35,00 - to pay the last day of the camp


By Train: From Milan Central Railway Station catch the train to Colico, Sondrio, Tirano, stop in Colico (1.45h) and catch the bus to Como stopping at Gera Lario (3° stop) (15min.)

By Plane: Milano-Malpensa, Milano-Linate, Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport.

On request we arrange the transport from the airports to Tabo. The cost will depend by the arrival airport and by the number of people asking for this service.

Ask to the reception for more information.

Important: The registrations close 6 days before the beginning of the Camp. The terms of subscription are:

1- the payment of a deposit of 200,00€ + membership cards if not already done (CSEN + FIV):

     -   8-12 years old = € 20,00 (5€ CSEN + 15€ FIV) (2007-2011)

     - 13-17 years old = € 25,00 (5€ CSEN + 20€ FIV) (2002-2006)

and the delivery of a copy of the payment receipt with the subscription form 2019 filled in (that you find at the bottom of the page), by email

2- the payment of the balance within 6 days before the date of the beginning of the Camp and the delivery by email of a copy of the payment receipt and a copy of the Medical Certificate of health issued for the practice of non-competitive sports.  Before sending the balance, contact the reception for the confirmation of the amount.

NB: who makes the subscription not within 6 days before the beginning of the Camp, can participate after the confirmation of the organization paying directly the entire amount plus a fee of € 75,00.



3- The payment can be done:

    - by Bank transfer to Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Agency of Gera Lario, with bank transfer

      at the expense of the participant (If not the expenses will be charged to the participant at the beginning of the Camp).

       IBAN: IT 60 J 05696 51319 000002193X22; BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22XXX; 

     Specify as reason for payment: "Name and Surname, Surf/Sail/Kite International Camp 2019 from.. to..+ affiliation" 

    - directly at Tabo Surf Center Reception following the terms written upon.

For more information: 0039-0344-94062,



4- The missed payment of the deposit or the balance doesn't give any chance to save the reservation. If we'll not receive the copy of the receipt of the deposit or of the balance or the form filled in, the reservation will not be saved.

5- In case of cancellation of the booking after the payment of the deposit, the customer has a right to get a refund of:

  - 100% of the amount if the customer cancels the reservation by email within 40 days before the beginning of the Camp except for the affiliations and the expense of the bank transfer. 

-  50% of the amount if the customer cancels the reservation by email within 30 days before the beginning of the Camp except for the affiliations and the expense of the bank transfer.

  -  25% of the amount if the customer cancels the reservation by email within 20 days before the beginning of the Camp except for the affiliations and the expense of the bank transfer.

  -  There will be no refund of the deposit for cancellation less than 20 days before the beginning of the Camp.

6- The cancellation has to be communicated sending, within the terms written in the point up written, a written notification to Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL, Via Prato del Vento 6, 22010 Gera Lario (Co), by email

7- In case of missed payment of the balance the customer will loose the right to the subscription and the amount paid will be retained as a penalty from Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL.

8- In case of balance paid beyond the terms provided, Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL could refuse the subscription; in that case the customer will have the right to be refunded of the only part of the balance (bank costs charged to the customer); The deposit will be not refunded.

9- In case of balance paid and missed participation at the Camp, the customer has the right to have the:

    - Refund of € 150,00 less the expense of the bank transfer if Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL will not find another participant in replacement.

    - Refund of the amount paid as a balance less the expense of the bank transfer if Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL will find another participant in replacement. The substitute has to be accepted just if chosen by Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL, not by the customer, to guarantee the homogeneity of the group.

10- In case of lack of wind or bad weather conditions, the water activities will be replaced with propaedeutical activities on the ground.  In this case the customer will not get a refund on the water activities.

11-The Camp will be confirmed with a minimum of 8 participants in total and Windsurf, Sail and Kitesurf with a minimum of 3 persons per activity. Just in case of the cancellation of an activity because of not enough participants, the persons that have chosen that activity can choose between the other activities. 

12- Tabo Surf Center SSD SRL can decide to change the place of the accommodation and the place for breakfast or dinner before or during the Camp, if necessary, without any extra charge or any refund.