In order to better manage the COVID-19 emergency, the following provisions must be observed:
- it is possible to carry out individual activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing in a single boat, SUP, canoeing / kayaking single, mountain bike. Double boats can currently only be used if you are wearing the mask on board if you are not a member of the same family.
- It is possible to do rental, storage and courses. (see also protocol for courses)
- access to Tabo from the lake promenade is prohibited and blocked by barriers. To access Tabo you need to use the entrance on the back from the upper promenade. Access to the facility is limited. Before entering wait for the authorization of the staff.
- at the entrance the body temperature will be detected with a thermoscanner. It is necessary to sign a certification form concerning the collected data, the acknowledgment and acceptance of the COVID-19 provisions and the authorization to process personal data.
- it will be necessary to follow the entry / exit routes indicated in order to avoid gatherings.
- access or stay inside the facility is forbidden for people with body temperature higher than 37.5 ° C, with flu symptoms.
- Use of the mask to protect the nose and mouth is compulsory throughout Tabo. During sporting activity, the mask is not necessary, however, it must be worn immediately before and immediately after the activity itself.
- promptly disinfect your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel available at the entrance, rental area, reception and entrance to the bathrooms.
- maintain the interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters during sports activity and 1 meter in other situations
- showers and changing rooms are not accessible to the public. The bathrooms can only be used for access to the toilets. Entry to them is allowed to one person at a time. At the end of the use, the doors must be left open. Finding the door open will therefore allow access (it means that there is nobody in the bathroom). Finding the door closed, you have to wait in the anteroom for access to the bathrooms until the person who is using it leaves.
- The boat launching / hauling procedure must be carried out independently by the sports practitioner
- To allow greater organization and compliance with security procedures, reservations are required by phone, whatsapp or email.

Tabo Surf Center ssd srl guarantees to provide for a continuous sanitation of the toilets, areas open to the public and all equipment used with products authorized by the Ministry of Health, as requested by protocol COVID 19 of 14 March.
All workers, managers and collaborators comply with hygiene rules and safety measures.

In addition to the provisions contained in the general safety protocol (use of the protective mask, constant maintenance of the interpersonal distance) before, during and after sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and any other activities, the following rules must be observed:

- courses are possible with a limited number of students. For this, booking by email, phone or whatsapp and advance payment are mandatory.
- it is necessary to arrive at Tabo at the established time (neither too early nor late) in order to avoid gatherings
- it is necessary to arrive at Tabo already suitably dressed for the water activity (except wetsuit and other equipment that are provided at the same time as the courses).
- Showers and changing rooms are not usable, except to access the toilet. An external space dedicated to changing rooms has been set up.
- you must disinfect your personal belongings and not share them. Do not leave bottles and any other personal items outside the spaces dedicated.

   An external area has been set up with lockers to store your bags and / or valuables. It is recommended to have your own padlock with you.
- at the end of the lessons for children, the parents wait outside the building, on the promenade or in the surrounding lawn.
- It is recommended to have personal bottles with the owner name written, in order to avoid their promiscuous use.
- During intense sporting activity it is not necessary to use a mask (which however is required immediately before and immediately after the activity). Only the sailing activity on dinghies boats for two ore more persons requires the use of masks also during the activity.