One of the most stimulating activities for our staff is introducing children (from 6 to 12 years) to windsurfing. A unique sport which will allow them to live in the sun, in the wind and in the water. Our school has actually been teaching children for years following a specially studied method and is well equipped to this purpose. Paola has worked out a special teaching method for kids based on learning through enjoyment: children, at their ease, learn the technique and have a good time. The ultralight equipment has allowed us to start teaching also to kids of 5 years old. To guarantee learning and enjoyment we have divided the Kid Courses in Baby Courses (5-7 years old) and Young Courses (8-12 years old) with different duration (see the pricelist below).

KID 1 - Beginners  - Wind 1-4 m/s

Learning by playing (games to learn theory and technique), start, points of sailing, tack and jibe with the board tied to the board of the instructor

 Board employed: RRD Easy Rider L, M and S.

KID 2 - Improving Level   - Wind 3-6 m/s


Learning by playing (games to learn theory and technique), indipendent  start and points of sailing, rapid tack, jibe, first instructions of freestyle.

 Board employed: RRD Easy Rider L , M, S and Evolution 360.

KID 3 - Advanced - Wind 4-8 m/s


Learning by playing (games to learn theory and technique), start and points of sailig with medium wind, rapid tack and jibe, harness, beach start, freestyle.

Board employed: RRD Easyrider M, S e Evolution 360 .

KID 4 - Funboard  - Wind 5-9 m/s

Technique with small boards, water start, points of sailing with strong wind, plane with the harness, feet in the straps, freestyle.

Board employed: RRD Evolution 360, Firemove, Freestylewave.


Test BABY - 5-7 years old (1h): 30,00€

BABY 2 DAYS 2 hours 3 DAYS 3 hours 4 DAYS 4 hours 5 DAYS 5 hours 6 DAYS 6 hours 7 DAYS 7 hours
K1- Beginner € 60,00 € 82,00 € 105,00 € 122,00 € 140,00 € 163,00
K2- Improving Level

K3- Advanced Level

K4 - Funboard

Test YOUNG - 8-12 years old (1,5h): 45,00€

YOUNG 2 DAYS 3 hours 3 DAYS 4,5 ours 4 DAYS 6 hours 5 DAYS 7,5 hours 6 DAYS 9 hours 7 DAYS 10,5 hours
K1- Beginner € 90,00 € 124,00 € 157,00 € 183,00 € 212,00 € 247,00
K2- Improving Level

K3- Advanced Level

K4 - Funboard

- To consider a Kid course like a group one, it's necessary to have minimum 2 participant   

- If 1 participant of a Kid group course have a lesson alone with the instructor, not because of his choice,

  the lesson will be done but the duration will be shorter: it will be calculated by adding 50% to the actual time

 (the baby student will do 40 min.of lesson instead of 1h, the young student will do 1h instead of 1,30h). 

- the lessons include practice and simulation

- Prices could be subject to variations 

-  Prices include board, rig, wetsuit, life jacket, harness and shoes.

- Lessons begin at: - 9.30/10.00 per KB1

                                 10.00 per KB2, KY1, KY2

                                 12.00 per KY3

                                 14.00 per KY4

Attention: To  take part in a course or a lesson you need to become member of CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale)  for this season (5,00€). You need also to become member of FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) if you make more then one lesson: € 10,00 for 6-17 years old, € 15,00 for adults

It is possible to have the affiliated with FIV (Italian Sailing Federation).

Tabo Surf Center is affiliated with VDWS (German International Federation). 

At the end of a course your level can be certified by one of the two Federations paying 25,00€ more for VDWS and 15,00€ more for FIV.